Your privacy is of utmost importance for us at WeberLoo. This privacy statement of ours is a reflection of the commitment we have towards our customers and we are making a sincere effort to disclose the different privacy practices we have in place at

• We do not share any kind of details related to personal information of our clients with third parties except with those that are outlined in our policy.
• We will email you if you have chosen to receive the same.
• In case we come to know that an account is being misused to send spam messages, we will take immediate action and work expeditiously to put an end to it.

It is an evident fact that information related to domain name registration is readily available on the internet. People can access the same with the help of ‘Whois’ search. There may be instances when our customers have been made a part of such searches. But, the spam messages they must have received definitely do not come from our website WeberLoo.

No information of our customers will be shared without prior notice. We have certain forms on our website to collect basic information from our customers. The details that we seek are name, address, phone number, billing information, email address and fax number if any. These details when gathered, makes it easy for you to create an account with us so that order placing and information requesting will become easy. We make use of the information only when we wish to communicate with you regarding the various changes that we may have on our website or in the products that we sell. We may use your details to communicate about the special offers that we have announced or the new services we have launched which may be of help to you.

In case you do not wish to receive such emails, you can unsubscribe from the same by just sending an email to our concerned department. In case we make use of your information, it is gathered from the log files through site statistics that is provided to us by the third party tracking partners so as to identify any problems that may exist with our server. We make use of this data to arrive at demographic information so that it will contribute to the performance of our website. We will make use of the information to better your browsing experience and also give you a pleasurable experience while on our website. We will not at all tamper with your personal identification information.

Our website makes use of cookies that will help us to keep track of the information related to the time you have spent on our website. This information from the cookies is stored to the already existing information that you have given us.

At WeberLoo, we make use of persistent cookies and session ID cookies. The former stays on the hard drive for a given amount of time. The latter stays only till the session lasts or till when the person closes the browser. One can get rid of persistent cookies if they follow directions that are provided in the “help” file of the internet browser.

We make use of cookies to save your username in our database when you make a request to remember it at the login time. This detail is used to prefill the login form when you login at a later time. And in case you have visited our website through a partner or an advertisement, we will also save the referral information in those cookies.

Our affiliates, partners and tracking utility company and other service providers may make use of cookies which may not be covered under our privacy statement. We would like to state that we do not exercise any kind of control over such kind of cookies. The tracking utility company that we have makes use of session ID cookies so as to help us in improving our website and to ensure that your browsing experience and buying experience is kept pleasurable.

WeberLoo also has links to different third party websites. We are not responsible in any way of the privacy policies or the content that is there in those websites. We urge you to go through the privacy statement carefully before you visit or engage in activity in such third party websites.

We have appropriate security measures that offer protection against misuse, loss or alteration of information that comes under our control. We like to inform you that we make use of 128bit SSL security certificates for encryption and transmission of data when we seek the same through your personal data or credit card or debit card information. We would also like to reiterate that none of the methods of electronic transmission or storage on the internet are 100% secure. We do not guarantee absolute security. For further queries related to security, you may please email us at

Communication through emails

We communicate with our customers through emails. We use this channel to confirm the orders you have placed, to inform you about our latest services and products and also to let you know about the information you have sought from us. All our pages have email links which will facilitate you to get in touch with us easily. It is always our endeavour to reply promptly to any kind of queries we receive. All the information that you have shared with us will be used productively to enhance the products and the website on the whole. We will share information pertaining to you with third parties only after seeking your prior consent.

Unavoidable Conditions

As mentioned earlier, we will share your information with third parties only after seeking consent from your end or in ways that have been outlined elsewhere in this privacy policy. However, there are a few exceptions to this too. When the information is required by law, we will not be able to deny information to them. We will have to share the information as it is necessary to conform to the premises of law and we will have to comply with the legal procedure too that is served on the website.

In case, at a later point in time, we do get into a merger, or a sale or an acquisition, of the company’s assets, we will notify the same to you through an email or a prominent notice through our website. We will inform you of any kind of change in ownership that has taken place. We will inform you how your personal information will be used further.

Change in our Policy

In case, at any stage if we have to change the information that is present on our website, be it privacy aspects or information handling practices, we will intimate the same to you well in advance prior to the implementation of the same. In case we make any kind of material changes, the same will be informed to you through a notice on our website before the same becomes effective. We request you to keep reviewing the privacy policy on our website at regular intervals to be informed about any changes. We will also inform the same to you through email.

Service Providers

We bill our users for the services used from us through PayPal or through credit card payment. These companies will not retain or share or store or make use of the personally identifiable information for any other purpose. In case you wish to get more insight into the privacy policies of the service providers that we have in place, you may email us at


Though we do not have any contests right now, we will have them very soon. We will intimate about the same to your email ids or publish it on our website. As a part of this, we may make use of the personal information in case of necessity. We may request details about yourself for some surveys too. It is of course not mandatory to be a part of these contests or surveys but we would like to inform that the information gathered through surveys will be used to improve the website so that the users can experience more satisfaction when they are on our website.

Accessibility to Personally Identifiable Information

There may be instances when there is a change in your personally identifiable information. Or there may be a circumstance when you wish to opt out of the service we have been providing to you. You may update some information, or delete some information or deactivate by opting the option on member information page. You may also choose to get the changes done by emailing at our customer support desk. In case you wish to make any other changes, you can always write to

Use of Personal Information after Termination of Account

You may wish to opt out of WeberLoo services and so cancel your account with us. This may be involuntary or voluntary. In such circumstances, we will put your personal information in the ‘deactivated’ status in our corresponding database. We would like to inform you that deactivating your account with us does not mean that all your details have been deleted from our database completely. We will still have them with us in order to resolve any kind of disputes or to implement our agreements.


The customer testimonials that we post on our website may contain some kind of personally identifiable information. For this, we get the consent of our customer so that we can add their name along with the testimonial they have given us. We obtain the consent through an email before we actually post the testimonial on our website. If at all you do not wish that the testimonial be published on the website, you have the right to express the say by emailing us at

Public Forums

Though right now this is not available on our website, we wish to inform our customers that this feature will soon be added to our website too. Through this one could access community forums and blogs. This is to inform that; any kind of information posted or shared here will be collected, read and also made use of by other people too who are having an access to it. Here too, if you do not wish others to access the information that you have shared, you can request for a removal of the information from the community forum or blog by contacting us at Well, there may be a few instances where we will not be able to remove the information. If this situation arises at all, we will definitely intimate you about the same.

Contact Us

In case you experience any kind of a difficulty or have a concern regarding the privacy matters related to the information you have shared with us on our website, you can contact us at WeberLoo, You can also approach us at the following address: